"SmileGO" can show the Current Congestion Conditions of your Restaurants/Stores to the your WebPage live.

Notation based on the Specifie Commercial Transaction Act

Name of Service SmileGO
Name of Service Provider Mediarights, Inc.
CEO Kosei Adachi
Address 10th Floor, KEC Ginza Building, 3-10-9, Ginza, Chuoh-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
Zip Code : 104-0061
Contact E-mail Address info@smilego.biz
Budgets For your confirmation, please refer to the following URL.
Payment other than aobve Budgets About the Payment other than "Budgets", you need to pay the following service fee.
- Fee of data communications which are for "Browsing on our pages" and "Download any data from our pages".
- Internet access fee
Payment Method You can choose the following 3 types of payment method.
- All major credit card accepted
- receiving agent services by mobile carriers which are "NTT Docomo", "au", "Softbank Mobile" and more.
- any other types of receiving agent services
The timing of "SmileGO" service available After payment, the service is available, immediately.
Note : If you contract the special types of contract, the service available timing will be changed.
Supported OSs and Browsers [Laptop and Desktop computers]
- Windows
Microsoft Edge (latest version)
Google Chrome (latest version)
Mozilla FireFox(latest version)
Notice : "Internet Explorer 11" and other browsers are not supproted.
- macOS High Sierra and macOS Mojave
Safari(latest version)
Google Chrome(latest version)
[Mobile(iOS and Android)]
Notice : The supported Mobile OSs are "iOS" and "Android" only.
- Android : Android 6 / Android 7 / Android 8
(All of small versions are supported for Android 6, 7 and 8 )
Google Chrome (latest version)
- iOS : iOS 12.1
Safari(latest version)
Google Chrome(latest version)
Return and Cancellation policies 1. Returns and Cancellation by customers' personal preferences
Due to the nature of this service, we will not be able to accept any refund or returns because of the customers' personal preferences. Before you contract or pay, please confirm the service contents, supported OSs and Browsers.
2. Returns and Cancellation by Software Failure
If the Software Failure is found, it will be dealt by amended software release and update.
Or for the failure, any other method will be provided from us.
Special Conditions 1. Cooling-Off
The "SmileGO" is not applied by cooling-off which is regulated by "Notation based on the Specifie Commercial Transaction Act".
2. Caution by periodic payment
If you cancel the service contract during the contract period, there is no refund by daily basis or any other methods of refund.
In this case, the service will be provided until day of end of contract.
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